Neurogenx NervePro: Dr. Steber explains proper pad placement for neuropathy and neuritis




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neurogenx nervepro

Neurogenx NervePro 2.0

Non-Invasive Neuropathy Treatment that works.

Neurogenx NervePro 2.0 treatments effectively eliminate or significantly reduce neuropathy symptoms while improving sensation and helping to regrow nerve fibers. The Neurogenx NervePro 2.0 offers the most biosimilar energy delivered with the highest frequencies ever, up to 60,000 Hz.


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neurogenx nervepro

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Non-surgical, FDA-cleared electromedical treatment

clinically effective in 87% of patients with difficult & protracted conditions

Resolves or significantly reduces pain & neuropathic symptoms such as burning, tingling & numbness

Helps reverse nerve damage by facilitating growth of new nerve fibers with quantifiable results validated by independent ENFD tests


Results-oriented marketing integration & orchestrated system ensures consistent patient referrals & steady practice growth

Favorable ROI is assured with only one patient creating immediate profitability

Finance-friendly with deferred payments up to six months and other options to encourage momentum

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